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About Us


M & J Travel and Tours Limited is a company in Ghana with over two decades experience which makes us one of the most responsive vastly experienced IATA accredited company with offices in Accra , Kumasi and Tamale. The company was established in 1991 with the vision to be preferred as a most trusted resource to enhance the quality of life with services and delightful solutions that are beneficial for both work and family life. The mission is to provide superior services that our clients will recommend to family and friends and what employees are proud of and suppliers’ long term profit and sustainability is guaranteed in a fast changing world.

Our Core Values

  • Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace change , pursue growth and learn
  • Be adventurous
  • Do more with less
  • Keep an open and positive mind


With an office staff of 16 personnel of qualified and competent senior management who develop products, manage partner relationships , CSR , Medical support, finance and manage the day-to-day affairs of the business and with the front line customer services travel and tour consultants the team is there to meet your needs.

The Chairman, Dr. EDMUND OSIE –TUTU is a lawyer and business man with deep industry and general business understanding and experience.

The Managing Director of M and J Travel and Tours, Madam Marian Thompson, has over twenty years of industry experience. She is entrepreneur and a motivational leader who provides directions ensures organizational goals are achieved.



Ms. Larmi

Ms. Larmi Ahmed is the General Manager and CSR Programme Coordinator for M&J Travel and Tours, responsible for the management and delivery of the programme,
including planning, establishing a mutual relationships with partner institutions, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
and administration of the CSR Programme and the Regional Branch Office. Larmi is thrilled to be pursuing her passion for community
development through travelling, creating and establishing partnerships, exposure to cultural diversity, with M&J Travel and Tours in her
current role in helping to alleviate poverty within the 10 regions of Ghana in a sustainable way that empowers recipients, celebrates cultural
differences, and respects different ways of life.


Mr. Shum

Asian Desk Director: He is a Chinese national and has lived in Ghana for more than 30 years. Mr. Shum
is an open minded individual with a proven track record in doing business in Ghana.
He has excellent interpersonal skills and has established a wide contact network in China and Ghana. Additionally, he has established a wide
range of business in Ghana including manufacturing, mining and tourism.
Successfully, he is an overseas member of All China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Vice President and Secretary General for Ghana
Association of Chinese Society, Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Council for the promotion of peaceful Reunification of China of Ghana


Ms. Anthionet Quayson Baffoe

Ms. Anthionet Quayson Baffoe is the Head of our Ticketing Department and the branch
Manager for the Kumasi office. She is an IATA certified consultant and has been in the industry for over six years. She is meticulous
and her dream is to tour all the ten regions of Ghana at least to two tourist attractions in each of these regions. I really love water
and would like to visit some islands in Africa. The feeling of being in the
middle of an ocean is enough. Seychelles Island, Mauritius, Sao Tome and Principe are my best options.



Ms. Georgina Tindan

Ms. Georgina Tindan is the Web Administrator whose aspect of the team work among
others basically include: developing and creating websites and associated applications and creating the look, layout and features
of the website as well as protecting website by planning and executing design, debugging codes, maintaining and upgrading services and
the design and installation of security precautions. In addition she provides IT support to staff by instructing and assisting staff in basic
computer application usage,
troubleshooting internet and LAN connectivity issues.


Mr. David Daramani

David Daramani is obviously the man who needs no introduction as far as bird watching in Ghana is concerned. For over 40 years he has been training bird guides, leading tours and his name has become synonymous with birding. He is extremely passionate about birds and guides birding with a great deal of passion.
In his 42 year birding experience, David has been an integral part of almost all the major ornithological research work in Ghana and has made remarkable contribution to several ornithological publications, key among which is the Ghana’s chapter of the Important Bird Areas of Africa and Associated Islands; a publication of the BirdLife International. David has bird watched extensively throughout Ghana, West and Central Africa and beyond in Europe and his professional birding acumen is well acclaimed beyond the borders of Ghana.
David’s deep and encyclopedic knowledge of the birds of Ghana and West African is legendary and unmatched in the country and by far the most sought after
bird guide in Ghana. He is the most senior birding guide at M&J Tours and leads birding tours in Ghana as well as tours to Burkina Faso,
Ivory Coast and other parts of the sub-region. In addition to birds, David is highly knowledgeable about the cultural diversity and the natural
history of Ghana. His great sense of humor is another is another priceless quality. With David you are guaranteed to see and experience all that
there is to see and experience.


Dr. Augustus Asamoah

Dr Augustus Asamoah is responsible for Operations, strategic direction, marketing, management, and implementation of conservation plans for community birding at M&J Tours. He has a rich experience in birding research in addition to his personal commitment to the conservation of nature. The birding division of M&J was a natural fit.
Augustus Asamoah is a conservation ecologist and a field ornithologist with outstanding experience, having worked extensively in all the ecological zones of Ghana as well as other countries in the sub-region. He has carried out extensive ornithological field research and birding in all the major ecological zones of Ghana with phenomenal knowledge of high forest, savannah and open habitat birds. Augustus is credited with the current knowledge of the existence of the enigmatic White-necked Picathartes in Ghana, having carried out his PhD dissertation on the ecology and Distribution of the species in Ghana. His pioneering work on Picathartes in Ghana has positioned Ghana as easiest place to see the species in West Africa. Augustus knows all the active nesting sites and colonies of the White-necked Picathartes in Ghana. His rich knowledge of the ecology and natural history of Ghana is amazingly remarkable.
Augustus has a PhD in Biodiversity Studies from the University of Ghana, a Master of Research (MRes) in Ecology and Environmental Management
from the University of York in the UK, BSc in Natural Resources Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
and postgraduate Certificate in Terrestrial Ecology from the Conservation Training Consortium of the University of Illinois in Chicago,
USA. Augustus is currently engaged on the UNDP/Ghana Cocoa Board Environmental Sustainability Project as the Forestry Management and
Conservation Specialist.


Mr. Baffoe Peprah

Mr. Baffoe Peprah is a seasoned tour guide who is versatile in culture, heritage, biking, mountaineering and camping. He has led several successful night hikes in search for mammals in the Wildlife protected areas across the country. Besides, he has basic knowledge in birding with all the important birding sites at his finger tips. He has worked with the Wildlife Division (Forestry Commission) from 1994-2012. He then joined Ashanti African Tours; a tour company specialized in birding from 2012-2014.


Mr. Felix Nguah

Mr. Felix Nguah is an enthusiastic tour guide who is committed to high professional standards. He holds a first degree in French and Russian languages and a master’s degree in Tourism. As one who has won two National Awards in Tour Guiding from the Ghana Tourism Authority, he understands many cultures and knows how to make guests feel at home. He worked with the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board as Senior Museums and Monuments Education Officer for seven years and currently, is the Chairman of the Tour Guides Association (TORGAG), Central Region chapter and the Communications Director of the West Africa Tour Guides Association (WATGA). His specialized areas include but not limited to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Ghanaian culture and traditional religion.


Mr. Francis Kwame Acquaye

Mr. Francis Kwame Acquaye is an experienced and competent tourism expert with excellent tour guiding skills. He is our Volta Regional cycling guide with good communication skills, very versatile and flexible with an ability to motivate others to work well in a team. He was awarded the site Guide of the year, 2016 by the Volta Regional Tourism Awards.

Mr. Magnus Quarshie

Magnus Quarshie is our professional back bone for our cycling tour when it comes to provision of intellectual directions and guidelines with the cycling routes, meetings with stakeholders, being on course for the right to be done. He is one of the founders of the Centre for Cycling Expertise and presently the Executive Director for this foundation. He provides us with professional advice regarding our engagements with stakeholders on matters relating to routes development, review design drawings at the request of Stakeholders, ongoing monitoring of the cycling project.

Mr. Alexander Sefa Bamfo

Mr. Alexander Sefa Bamfo is our Technical officer in charge of our cycling project. He is the General Manager for City Migro Cycling Club and an executive member of the Greater Accra Cycling Association. He has had about 20 years of experience in riding, maintenance and sale of standardized and quality bicycles to individuals, companies and groups. He believes in quality service to clients and helping them to have total satisfaction. Cycling as sports means of transport, and exercise is his interest.

Mr. Agba Issahaku

Mr. Agba Issahaku is a well experienced in tour guiding and field research. He is with field research team a Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary. In tour guiding he is specialized in river safari for hippo viewing and walking safari for bird viewing. He has award in Attraction site guide of the year, 6th National Tourism Award, Ghana.



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    • Negotiations with Travel Suppliers for Corporate and Groups
    • Management of Corporate Travel Policy
    • Immigration Services , Work Permit , Residence Permit
    • Visa Services – Visa Extension , Securing Visa for travel in West North and Southern Africa
    • Tours – Family , Group and Individual
    • Vehicle Rentals
    • Airline Ticketing for both Domestic and International Travel
    • Hotel bookings
    • Airport Transfer to Hotel or Resort
    • Shuttle Services
    • Relocation service
    • Medical Assistance
    • Ongoing Support 24/7

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