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CSR Commitment


Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Having been working in this industry over years with challenging new trends, M&J Travel and Tours strives to provide her clients with sustainable and responsible tourism.  Our business adapts and implements practices such as plastic waste separation/recycle and reduction of water and energy consumption. Our aim is to consciously endeavor to adopt the 3R -: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.  Our team of dedicated staff has been the pillar of the implementation and this is continuing and will never end. Staff dedication and participation is a vital key in making sustainable and responsible tourism a success.


There are two questions that every company needs to answer in terms of its business operation. The questions look at the following areas:

1. Quality of management (both in terms of people and processes), which would be refer to as the “inner circle” of the company.

2. The nature of, and quantity of impact on the society (outer circle) – what the company has actually done, good or bad, in terms of its products and services, in terms of its impact on the environment and on local communities

In answering these questions, one’s mind goes straight to CSR. Therefore at M & J Travel & Tours our business practices are geared towards the involvement of initiatives that benefit society. As consumers’ awareness about global social issues continues to grow, so does the importance these customers place on CSR when choosing for a good service.

As part of our CSR, we manage our business processes to produce an overall positive effect on society. In a nutshell, our Corporate Social Responsibility is about “giving back to society”

This forms an integral part to our long-term business success. We are very mindful of the impact that our operations have on society at large, and this requires much more than isolated measures. In a climate of heightened social awareness and instant access to information, CSR is fundamental to our company’s targeted practices, broad objectives, and overall culture.

2.1.  Mission for M&J’s CSR Project

To improve the quality of lives of people through appropriate and sustainable practices, actions and interventions in communities where M&J operates

2.2. General Goal

This project will be designed to help executives of the company to fully integrate social responsibility in ways that benefit both society and the business. Staff will learn how to develop an overarching CSR strategy suited to the unique requirements of the company, one that addresses the social, economic, and environmental effects, as we better position the company for immediate and future success.

2.3.  M&J’s CSR Objectives

– To give back to the community by assisting the disadvantaged: As a Company that has benefited from tax payers money we are obligated to support community initiatives.

– Reputation/Enhancing the company’s image: To build a strong brand, so that the Company will be seen to have a human face. In other words the communities we operate with and the public in general will have a positive picture of the company

– To support ongoing national advocacy initiatives: There are numerous national campaigns that need support to have a greater impact e.g. education, HIV/AIDS, environment and health and sanitation campaigns.

– Create more awareness about the company and build its public profile:

A CSR project is a responsibility of the corporate to the society. Being responsible, you would expect efficient on-ground execution, regular updates, transparent reporting

In addition, we have a clear vision for the CSR department of the company that focuses on what areas we would be keen to be involved in, the kind of budgets that can be allocated and the manner and method of getting employees involved, because employee involvement is very vital to the success of any CSR.


Our Corporate social responsibility includes a vast area. But at M & J Travel and Tours, we believe in specificity that leads to fulfillment.

M&J’s specific funding areas will focus on the following:

–  Environmental Issues


–  Health

–  Youth/Women empowerment