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M&J Birding Tour Members Profile


Profile of Dr. Augustus Asamoah

Dr Augustus Asamoah is responsible for Operations, strategic direction, marketing, management, and implementation of conservation plans for community birding at M&J Tours. He has a rich experience in birding research in addition to his personal commitment to the conservation of nature. The birding division of M&J was a natural fit.
Augustus Asamoah is a conservation ecologist and a field ornithologist with outstanding experience, having worked extensively in all the ecological zones of Ghana as well as other countries in the sub-region. He has carried out extensive ornithological field research and birding in all the major ecological zones of Ghana with phenomenal knowledge of high forest, savannah and open habitat birds. Augustus is credited with the current knowledge of the existence of the enigmatic White-necked Picathartes in Ghana, having carried out his PhD dissertation on the ecology and Distribution of the species in Ghana. His pioneering work on Picathartes in Ghana has positioned Ghana as easiest place to see the species in West Africa. Augustus knows all the active nesting sites and colonies of the White-necked Picathartes in Ghana. His rich knowledge of the ecology and natural history of Ghana is amazingly remarkable.
Augustus has a PhD in Biodiversity Studies from the University of Ghana, a Master of Research (MRes) in Ecology and Environmental Management from the University of York in the UK, BSc in Natural Resources Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and postgraduate Certificate in Terrestrial Ecology from the Conservation Training Consortium of the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA. Augustus is currently engaged on the UNDP/Ghana Cocoa Board Environmental Sustainability Project as the Forestry Management and Conservation Specialist.


Profile of Mr. David Daramani

David Daramani is obviously the man who needs no introduction as far as bird watching in Ghana is concerned. For over 40 years he has been training bird guides, leading tours and his name has become synonymous with birding. He is extremely passionate about birds and guides birding with a great deal of passion.
In his 42 year birding experience, David has been an integral part of almost all the major ornithological research work in Ghana and has made remarkable contribution to several ornithological publications, key among which is the Ghana’s chapter of the Important Bird Areas of Africa and Associated Islands; a publication of the BirdLife International. David has bird watched extensively throughout Ghana, West and Central Africa and beyond in Europe and his professional birding acumen is well acclaimed beyond the borders of Ghana.
David’s deep and encyclopedic knowledge of the birds of Ghana and West African is legendary and unmatched in the country and by far the most sought after bird guide in Ghana. He is the most senior birding guide at M&J Tours and leads birding tours in Ghana as well as tours to Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and other parts of the sub-region. In addition to birds, David is highly knowledgeable about the cultural diversity and the natural history of Ghana. His great sense of humor is another is another priceless quality. With David you are guaranteed to see and experience all that there is to see and experience.