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12 Days Guided Ghana Togo Walking Holidays

Experience / Highlights
Close encounter with monkeys at Tafi Atome
Wli water falls-exhilarating trek through the several steep steps at the edge of cliff and swimming in pristine and clean water
Mountain Afadjato trek with panoramic views of Lake Volta Mountains, valleys and flora of the tropical forest
Atakora mountains range-trekking through picturesque fascinating remote villages with remarkable mud tower fortified houses.
Visit a once in life time unique painting studio in the forest at the river side and learn about painting with only pure natural pigments.

Essential for your journey
-Light clothing while avoiding shorts or clothing that is too tight
-Hat, sunglasses, caps
-Sweater from December to January
-Mobile phones according to your needs (the network is working)
Before going do not forget
-To take and keep on you your international vaccinations card (especially for yellow fever) you will be requested upon arrival at the airport.
-To visit your doctor for vaccines against yellow fever, hepatitis a and b and typhoid. He should also prescribe treatment against malaria rampant throughout the year.
Precautions on site
-Drink bottled water
-Do not eat raw meat
-Anti diarrhea
-Mosquitos repellent and anti-itch
-Usual medicine
-The area of kloto is characterized by a sub-equatorial climate. Several seasons are changing. The highest rainy season is from March to July with a light decrease in July and in august to take start again in September and October, and the dry season going from November to April, but this is given as an indication, because the seasons are not really any more respected .the average annual rainfall is 1750mm.
Conduct, don’ts
-Giving money to children
-Refusing hospitality
-Buying without bargaining
Photographing people without their consent
-Disrespect to the elderly
-Being patient
-Showing decency
Currency and methods of payment
-The cfa franc is the currency that is legal in Togo, bills exist in denominations of 1000fcfa 2000f cfa 5000f cfa 10.000fcfa
-It's possible to change upon arrival at the airport, in hotel or banks in the city
NB: This information is delivered as an indication. M&J travel cannot be held responsible as for the contents for these data.

-Air conditioner car with comprehensive assurance
-basic accommodation
-all entrance fees and activities
-all meals(breakfast)(lunch)(dinner)

Air transport(flight ticket)
-Visas,required vaccinations(yellow fever)
-Personal expenses and tips
-Travel assurance including accident and medical evacuation
-Visit to sites and activities not listed

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