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8 Days Guided Safari Holidays of Ghana

Experience/ Highlights
- Amazing experience of Close up view of Elephants at Mole National park
- Great experience of being personal with the monkeys at Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
- Serene and peaceful Hike through the forest to see the beautiful tallest water fall in West Africa
- Seeing Hippo at eye level in their natural habitat whilst being paddled in hand dug canoe at Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary .
- Staying at a beautiful natural lake side accommodation and learning about this unusual place .
-Swimming in a cool natural pool at Wli water

Essential information
Before you start your trip you will be given the travelers code of conduct so that you will know how to behave at a particular destination. Please respect local culture and ask permission from your tour guide before you do anything. It is recommended that visitors bring along good hiking boots . Some parts of the park will be inaccessible during the rainy season. These guidelines seek to enhance visitor enjoyment, security and safety in Mole National Park whilst maintaining the values of the park and communities fringing it. Restrictions within the Park Firearms are strictly prohibited in Mole National Park. Declare any firearm in your possession at the park entrance for safe keeping. All tourist activity in the pack should be accompanied by an armed guide. Pets are strictly prohibited in the Park. Bush burning is strictly prohibited in Mole. For drive safaris the speed limit is 30 Km/h. Respect the right of way of all animals and watch out for speed bumps. Violation of any of these restrictions can result in sanctions and/or expulsion from the Park. Preservation of Parkâs Resources Littering is strictly prohibited in the park. Litter and leftover food doesn't not only spoil the beauty of the park, it can also be dangerous to wildlife. Keep your food away from wildlife and store it properly. Never leave food unattended while camping and/or if you are close to wildlife. Do not damage or remove animals, plants, or any of their parts. Observe wildlife from a distance of at least 50 meters. Do not follow or approach wildlife neither encourage your local guide to get closer than 50 meters. Do not feed animals. Animals in the park are not tamed. Feeding them alters their natural behavior and they can become dangerous to you. Conserve water and energy as much as possible. Always switch off air conditioners, lights and electrical appliances when not needed. Ensure that taps are firmly closed. It is advised you wear appropriate outfit i.e. long trousers and close walking boots with firm grip. This outfit would protect you from the wild plants, thorns, reptiles and insects.
The Accra Tamale, Mole National Park, Mognori eco-village, Wechiau, Mole National PARK Boabeng Fiema LAKEBOSUTWE – WLI- Shai hills - ACCRA

- All fees for entrance to sites listed in itinerary
- All fees for activities listed in itinerary
- 2 game drives at Mole National park with armed guard
- 1 foot safari at Mole National PARK with armed guard
- I foot safari at Shai Hill Resource Reserve.
- 1 Canoe safaris on Mole River up to Mole park and back
- 1 canoe safari on Black Volta river at Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary
- Traditional Evening with Music and drumming
- Meals- ( 7 Breakfasts,5 Lunches and 2 Dinners )
- 1 Guide Leader
- Local guides
- Accommodation double occupancy basic to mid range .
- Private transportation with professional driver to all sites mentioned in itinerary
- 1 one way domestic flight, Accra – Tamale
- Airport transfers
- Plus dometic flight ( bookable through M&J Travel and Tours )

- Visits to sites not listed
- Vaccines
- Visa
- International Flights bookable through M&J Travel and Tours
- Travel Insurance bookable through M&J Travel and Tours
- Optional activities not listed
- Optional excursions not listed
- Drinks
- Tips
- Items of Personal Nature

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